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Sore Throat Remedies

Having a sore throat is not that uncommon. People get a sore throat all of the time. When you have a sore throat, you will normally have a dry scratchiness that is somewhat painful in the back of your throat. A lot of times, this can make it very painful to swallow. Pretty much, sore throat is known for making you miserable. Do keep in mind that two different things cause a sore throat. First of all, you can have one, because you damaged your throat. This can happen from yelling too much and things like that. It can make your throat dry and scratchy and a pain to live with. The other way is because of a viral infection. The common cold and the flu are two of the most well-known viral infections that give you a sore throat.


Everyone gets a sore throat, and studies have shown that, at one point in everyone’s life, they will have a sore throat. This is the most common reason why people go to see the doctor. People get a sore throat, and they go to the doctor to see what is wrong. The people who do not take good care of their bodies are the ones that get a sore throat the most. Do keep in mind that anyone can get a sore throat, and it is not more common in either sex.


The symptoms of a sore throat are what makes it so painful to live with. Most of the time, your throat is going to feel dry and, of course, scratchy. Other times it could feel a bit swollen as well. This is always topped off with pain whenever you are breathing or talking. Since we all have to breathe, a sore throat is no walk in the park! Now, if it’s a viral infection that has caused a sore throat, then you have a few more things to look for. Most of the time, you will have the inability to swallow. You could even have white patches or even pus in your throat. All of this could be followed up with things like vomiting and skin rash. People also get headaches and high fevers during this time.


If you want your doctor to diagnose your sore throat, then he will normally just do a physical exam. This is where he looks at your throat to see what is wrong with it. During this time he will be looking for redness and to see if it’s swollen. He could also be looking for things like white spots on the back of your throat. Do keep in mind that there is no accurate way to tell if you are looking at a viral infection or a bacterial one. The spots for both look the same. The bacterial infection is less common, but they do take medication for that. The viral infection just has to go away on its own.


As said before, the viral sore throat just has to go away on its own. Most sore throats go away without any kind of treatment at all. This usually takes a week or more. The doctor will normally tell you to increase your fluid intake during this time. This should help you with a speedy recovery. It should also help you sleep better at night because your throat will be less dry. It’s a good idea to drink fluids, like water and soup. Try to stay away from sodas or any kind of drink that has caffeine. These are just going to dehydrate you further. Last, but not least, anything that is going to be easy to swallow is a blessing. Thus, things like Jell-O work wonders.

Home Remedies

People are always looking for a sore throat cure. The good news is that there are a lot of sore throat home remedies that you can try. Finding out what sore throat treatment works best for you can be hard at times. At least you have a lot of home remedies for a sore throat to try out. The first thing that you should do is increase your fluid intake. After that, try to gargle with warm saltwater. This does not taste good, but it will clear out the mucus that is built up in your throat. Next, take some honey and add some lemon to a glass of hot water. After allowing it to cool to room temperature, drink it. The honey is going to coat the back of your throat. On top of that, the lemon helps to cut right through mucus. Last, but not least, try to avoid infecting others. After all, no one wants to wish a sore throat on anyone.


Sore throats are not fun to deal with, but there are home remedies for sore throats out there. Finding out which one works best for you is hard work. However, once you do find the one that is right for you, you will be able to use it all the time to take care of your sore throat.


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