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It’s Hard to Believe Accutane is a Natural Derivative of a Vitamin !

With all the negative and positive press on Accutane, it’s hard to believe that this powerful and controversial acne medication is actually a very powerful, albeit drastically altered, the form of Vitamin A (Isotretinoin is the medical term for Accutane).

This powerful acne drug has indications that it should not be taken in conjunction with certain vitamins because of this fact – it is actually in itself a “megadose” of vitamin A which is taken for a duration of anywhere from 15-20 weeks by its patients depending on the doctor’s discretion and the severity of the acne suffered by the patient.

Isotretinoin belongs to a group called retinoids, and the tretinoin mix is actually a synthetic retinoid called C20H28O2, that inhibits the sebaceous gland in acne patients, and reduces the production and secretion of the oil which clogs pores and causes acne lesions. More on this medication next time….

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