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About Acne Mag

Acne Magazine is a daily online magazine, or “ezine” all about the skin conditions of acne and acne rosacea, and how you can naturally treat and defeat these stubborn skin conditions without the help of potentially dangerous and resistance-defeating acne medications and rosacea antibiotics.

Acne Magazine explores alternatives to Accutane, Tetracycline, and several other very popular acne medicines prescribed by the dermatological community for the treatment and eradication of acne vulgaris and acne rosacea.

This blog will focus on product reviews of natural and herbal acne treatments, remedies, pills, and skincare products which have shown a lot of promise in treating acne naturally just as well as prescription medications, if not better.  For those that want an alternative to medicines such as Accutane and antibiotics, both of which can be dangerous in their way.

Antibiotics, while they don’t present an immediate and well-known danger, can make your body build up antibiotic resistance over time, as well as cause yeast imbalances.  They don’t tell you about that though.  That’s why, if you can, it’s best to go natural.  You’d be surprised how effective treating acne naturally and very inexpensively can be nowadays!


Home Microderm for Acne Scarring

I said last time that I’d go a little more into why home Microderm aka microdermabrasion kits are good for acne...

I’m Spending More “skin” Money…Yikes

Ok, so you know how I just posted on how much would you spend for clear skin? Well...Here’s another example of...

Accutane Alternatives

I remember both my cousin and I, who were only two years apart in age, each suffering through adolescence with fairly...


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